Welcome to my blog, and thank you for popping by!!

Though this first post will eventually (hopefully, as long as I keep up with writing regularly) end up buried under a pile of newer posts, I decided I wanted to take the opportunity to open my blog with a disclaimer.

I am a ghost hunter, and I take ghost hunting seriously.  However, I have made a lot of observances in my years of doing this that I decided to put down in a blog.  This blog is meant to be comical and fun… not so serious, though I am sure I will insert “seriousisms” throughout as I see fit (somebody contact Webster, I just made a new word).

I may make fun of… rephrasing: I will make fun of equipment, equipment use, process and any other thing that strikes me as ridiculous and funny at the time.  Though I make fun of stuff, I personally believe that one cannot be an effective ghost hunter without being open minded.  Experimentation with new equipment and theories is very important.  It is just that sometimes, theories or processes strike me as extremely illogical.  Therefore, I will make fun of these things without shame.

Let’s take a second to explain the term “open minded”.  As defined on thefreedictionary.com:

open-minded  adj

having a mind receptive to new ideas, arguments, etc.; unprejudiced

open-mindedly  adv

open-mindedness  n


This blog would like to make it clear that open minded does not mean throwing all common sense out the window.  At least, I didn’t see that in the definition above.


In summary, I am very flattered that you are reading my blog and I invite you to do continue reading on a regular basis.  However, if you have a problem with anything I have written, I am not looking for your complaint messages that are, in truth, written to be your personal manifesto.  Nor am I looking for you and all of your “para-buddies” to post hate messages on this site (that you would never have the balls to say to my face).  If you don’t like my content, please don’t let me stop you from leaving and not returning to this blog again…


What am I looking for?  I am just creating an outlet for myself… a fun exercise in creative writing.  I hope it entertains you and makes you laugh.  Take a load off and enjoy.


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