Flash Light Trick? Or Flashy Light Trick?

“If you are a male, turn the light to the left on.  And if you are a female, turn the light to the right on.”

“O! M! G! Did you see that?!?!  It’s a girl!!!”

“Okay, okay, thank you for helping us speak with you.  Can you turn the light off now? (short pause) Good job!  Thank you so much!  Now, can you start turning on the left light for yes and the right light for no?”

“She said yes!!!  Okay…”

We have all seen it on TV.  Someone props one or two flashlights somewhere in the room and starts asking the spirits to turn them on and off.  They begin to ask questions and the flashlights start responding to their questions, justifying a communication with the dead.

** I am going to say this now and probably many, many, more times as I post blogs: Watching ghost hunting on TV is for  entertainment only.  In fact… I think the debate about watching or not watching ghost hunts on TV would make a great blog post.  Stay tuned folks! **

Now where was I… oh,yes, we see people use flashlights as a form of communication on TV and want to rush out and try it.  Who wouldn’t???  It is a very inexpensive tool to add to your kit.  I have two flashlights that I use and I have found some interesting things while experimenting:

– I took these flashlights and set them up at work and home for 2 weeks.  I went through several sets of batteries during this process, and the lights didn’t turn on once.  That is not to say that they could have blinked when I went to the bathroom or wasn’t looking, but for the most part I paid attention to them, and kept them in my line of sight.

– I took the same flashlights to Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum where they claim that flashlight communication is extremely common, and wouldn’t you know, those two lights were turning off and on like gang busters!  This led me to believe that there may actually be something to this method.  But there is a problem…  Myself, and a young woman I was investigating with, successfully used these flashlights all over the building.  Oddly, they were turning off and on during almost every session, but throughout the entire night we were not able to get any consistency.  They were randomly turning on and off even when there was no request by ourselves for an answer.  When asking the same question in two different formats the lights would “give” two different answers.

– Conversely, I used the flashlights in Moundsville, WV at the West Virginia Penitentiary and got nothing but crickets….

Sometimes I wonder if the problem that bothers me about flashlights is actually the operator.  You know what I mean… one tiny blink and the person goes over the moon!  They suddenly feel so special that a ghost is talking to them that they make sure and draw all the attention to them (attention from the living I mean), and now feel like they have every right to take the one or two blinks they have gotten and craft that into a “tale of responses” worthy of a movie deal.  I especially love it when they take their hand crafted back story and run around telling the tale as if it is some sort of factual piece of history they pulled out of an archive somewhere.

Are you DYING to have some sort of communication to the point that you will interpret anything as such?  Or are you using common sense to rule out natural forces or other non paranormal anomalies?  Hell, even if you don’t fully use common sense… have you tried just a tiny bit that, when applied to your flashing flashlights, would reveal that your “communication with the dead” is nothing but random flashes that keep contradicting themselves?

I understand that everybody wants to something to happen; wants to be the one to find THE evidence of the night.  Or possibly THE evidence of the paranormal field.  I sure as hell do, because I am not yet 100% convinced that we really are reaching through the veil.  I need THE evidence to seal the deal for myself, but I can guarantee you that running up to me and telling me about your flashlight conversation you had in Lizzy Bordon’s bedroom an impressed blogger does not make.  From my observation, an impressed anybody does not make.

I will tell you this; I will keep playing with my two flashlights because something interesting is going on and I mean to see if I can’t quantify it more.  But maybe some helpful tips for those of us that are experimenting with flashlights:

– For the love of Pete; video tape your flashlight communication attempts.  Word of mouth means nothing but a good camp fire tale in this world and we all should know better.

– Think like a prosecutor.  Drill down on a subject and ask the same questions in different ways.  Not just two different ways, but three or more.

– Constantly circle back to things you have already gone over.

– Change the order of the questions and jump randomly between subjects.

– Hash, re-hash and re-re-hash to ensure consistency.  Don’t stop hashing, re-hashing and re-re-hashing until the flashlights stop flashing.

Happy hunting everybody.  And with further experimentation, I hope to let you know if I come across an intelligent “conversation”… or if ghosts are just stupid.


2 responses to “Flash Light Trick? Or Flashy Light Trick?

  1. Great topic! I enjoy seeing the flashlight technique employed on the various TV and ghost websites but always had this nagging thought that what if it’s just randomly turning on or off under a barrage of questions. Finally saw some good evidence when I was with a group at the David Stewart Farm in the barn. They had 3 lights set up and were going through the usual questions. One of the 3 lights would turn on at various times. The clincher was when the investigator asked the spirit(s) to turn on all 3 at the same time and two of them did turn on! What are the odds of that happening right at that exact time when at no other point in the investigation did more than one light turn on. Other than that night, I have not had any results with the flashlights. Best thing I have is from Sach’s Bridge where I had the light on and standing on end and a trail of light was coming out- not a streak but a light “cord” looking thing. I posted one of the pics on fb, I have subsequent pics from the same night that have this light anomally coming out in different directions. I haven’t seen anything like it posted anywhere.

  2. I constantly fight an inner battle with the flashlights. After stating the first night that I went “hunting” that I did no believe the flashlight, I was met with scrutiny “By all means child, it is a remote controlled flashlight..” I immediately dropped the subject and continued on..
    I would watch the flashlight turn on and off at different times, sometimes not waiting for us to finish a question, or even ask one. Then the big night came — When I was finally allowed to set the flashlight myself… “Two taps on the palm of your hand and it should come on.” I did exactly as I was told. Except — The flashlight didn’t come on for hours. So I reset it. This time it would surge on and off again and again.. I started realizing how sensitive the light is to set…..>
    So one night at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR. I asked permission from our team leader to experiment with something. Of course he told me I could. I had recenty purchased a push button flashlight with (like most push button flashlights) an inner spring similar to that of a turn-tip… I sat it on the counter and asked the spirit to turn it on.
    Every jaw in the room dropped when that light came on! That is one of 3 seperate instances I have had in which the push button light worked.. I tend to trust that one. I mean I keep that flashlight next to my bed and I have never had it simply “turn on” . And yes — I have the video footage of it. (cheers included when the light came on)

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