I Know The Spirit Box Is The Next Big Thing, But My Evidence Review Is Giving Me A Headache

When it comes to different equipment or theories in the paranormal field, I really try to keep an open mind.  We don’t know what is going with all of this unexplained phenomena.  Therefore, we don’t understand how things may react to equipment or processes you put in place when you investigate.  So the one thing I try to do is keep an open mind when new pieces of equipment start sweeping through the paranormal community.  Looking at equipment, or hearing a theory, and just “pish-poshing” it is not only disrespectful to the person excited to tell you about it, and it is closing the door on an untested opportunity.

That is why I am willing to use and test things that really seem crazy to me at first glance. Like the Ovilus for example.  The team I hunt with has an Ovilus, and on occasion we use it.  But when using it, we are testing it.  We are seeing if we get valid information, if it is appropriate to our surroundings, or if it is just not adding up after multiple uses.  I firmly believe that we have to objectively look at its performance at dozens of investigations before we truly can form an opinion.

This leads me to the Spirit Box.  The spirit box has swept the paranormal community much like the K2 meter did in years past. What was once a coveted and hard to get item is now available to the masses, and the masses have bought.  On paper, I like the concept of a Spirit Box.  It cycles through radio channels at a rapid rate, which causes a lot of fuzz.  The theory is that a spirit can take that fuzz and manipulate it, or draw from the energy, to speak through the spirit box.  The problem is that I have seen too many people run the cycle too slow, so you can hear full words from a radio station before it jumps to the next frequency.  This is easily taken care of by adjusting the rate of your cycle, and even removing the antenna from the Spirit Box so that it has a harder time actually picking up a radio frequency, but gives you more fuzz instead.

I have one huge gripe though; can someone please tell me why we ghost hunters seem to insist on turning the volume of the Spirit Box, or the speakers you have it connected to, ALL THE WAY UP?  I don’t know about you, but trying to review my digital recorder, which is so sensitive that the playback is even louder, is giving me a migraine!  Again, I understand the theory behind the Spirit Box, but I am not exactly certain of the significance of making sure that my evidence review requires my ears to bleed.

I have two investigations in November 2012.  If I am able to use the spirit box during these investigations I will be trying the sessions at a lower volume.  I will let you know if they seem to yield the same, better or worse results…


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